Short farmer’s guide

1. Why the fertilizers are important

The nutrients necessary for plants exist in nature in various forms:

  • - in the soil, as such;
  • - manure and dung from various animals;
  • - biological fixation of nitrogen;
  • - chemical or mineral fertilizers.

The productive efficiency of the soil is greatly influenced by the nature of the mineral substances it contains. As the plants take these substances from the soil, the quantity of minerals diminishes every year when the crops are gathered. Enriching the nutritious substances of the soil and improving its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, fertilizers confer the plants a favourable environment and good development conditions.

Therefore, the most efficient measure to grow the soil’s productive potential is to use fertilizers or, to put it differently, to add mineral substances supporting thus the plants’ growing needs, fact which leads to a growth of productivity. Using a suitable fertilizer for each type of crop, well applied and on time, ensures a 50% growth of productivity, sometimes even 80%. When using simple or complex chemical fertilizers, it is absolutely necessary to take the advice of the specialists in the field.