Chemical fertilizers

Each year, after harvesting the crops, the soil is deprived of important quantities of minerals useful for the vegetation as they are washed away by rain and irrigations. The productive efficiency of the soil is closely connected to the nature of the minerals it contains.

The most important measure to increase the soil’s productive potential is to use fertilizers. This means to add minerals that have diminished out of various reasons and thus to support the plants’ growing needs, fact which leads to a growth of productivity.

Establishing the most suitable type of fertilizer for the plants that are to be grown, delivering the optimum quantity of fertilizer and at the right time generally ensure a 50% growth of productivity and for some cultures even 80%. Enriching the nutritious substances of the soil and at the same time improving its physical, chemical and biological characteristics, fertilizers confer the plants an incomparably better environment and development conditions.

MDS GRUP imports chemical fertilizers from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Austria, Israel and Tunisia. At the same time, we distribute a part of the products made by the local producers.