MDS GRUP LTD has been distributing and trading chemical fertilizers for agriculture, construction materials, metals, industrial and alimentary salt since mid 2008, with an entirely Romanian capital, having at that time as its sole shareholder Mr. Ilie Bleotu, the founder of the distribution network of salt imported from Ukraine into Romania – with more than a decade of experience in trading salt.
Nowadays, MDS GRUP covers 60% of SALROM SA distributors and 80% of those trading imported salt at a national level. As far as the fertilizers are concerned, for the nitrogen-based products we cooperate with the large producers from Slobozia, Turnu Măgurele, Năvodari and Săvineşti and as far as the complex fertilizers are concerned, we either import them directly from Ukraine, Italy, Morocco, or obtain them from other importers.
After the first half of 2009, MDS GRUP Ltd, whose social headquarters is in Băile Govora, 3 Bradului Street, Vâlcea County, expands, opening two more working centres as follows: one in Râmnicu Vâlcea and another one in Galaţi, on 129 Domnească Street. On a local scale, in Galaţi, we have already signed a rental agreement with Gara Largă (The Large Railway Station),which gives us a solid operational basis consisting of:
- a complex of railroads – comprising both regular and large tracks;
- storage facilities – comprising specialized covered storehouses of more than 5,000 m2 (2,000 ton capacity industrial halls);
- unloading machines and authorized transport vehicles (ADR ratified trucks, classic forklifts and electric forklifts), as well as qualified personnel.
The present distribution network covers more than half the country with authorised dealers in Iaşi, Suceava, Alexandria, Braşov, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Brăila and Galaţi.

Supply and sale

Although the company was founded in 2008, it has already had an impact upon the salt and fertilizer distribution market, both internally and externally, so that, through already well-known suppliers, the supplying and sale activity experiences no waste of time.
Our main suppliers are:

In order to preserve our position on the market, after the first half of 2011, we initiated the process of acquiring the Turkish salt from the KOYUNCU AKARYAKIT OTOMOTIV plant; the process finalized in December 2011 and now we have exclusivity for this salt both on the Romanian market, and on the neighbouring ones: Ukraine, Moldova, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary.
Besides its very good quality (min. 99% NaCl), the sea salt imported from Turkey imposed itself quickly on the above-mentioned markets also due to the diversity of products: alimentary iodized salt, industrial salt, salt tablets for water softening, fine and extra fine salt for human consumption, and because it is an ecological product.

Our supplier KOYUNCU AKARYAKIT OTOMOTIV produces sea salt using state of the art installations as a result of a more than 30 million dollars investments, not modifying the characteristics of the salt, generating thus a highly successful ecological product. MDS GRUP distributes on the consumption market only alimentary sea salt, 100% ecological, without adding any anti-caking agents (ferrocyanide compounds), that is without Es.
Our company negotiates the prices for each contract and practices a wholesale trade, the loyal customers benefiting from significant discounts.

Chemical fertilizers

The role of chemical fertilizers

Fertilizers represent the food for plants and have the role of preventing the content of nutritious substances in the soil from decreasing. In order to grow and develop normally, plants need carbon [...]

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MDS Logistics

MDS GRUP, through its own logistics and unloading and storage facilities, is here for you providing quality services such as:

• Unloading the cargo on 2 broad gauge railways (CIS) ready to receive cars loaded with cargo from the Community of Independent States, with a capacity of 16-20 cars

• Storing general bulky goods at the unloading lines as well as in our own storage facilities