Salt tablets or tablets for water softening. These tablets are made of minimum 99.5 % purity salt through a very modern process.

The salt tablets represent a very important segment in our company as the sales for this product have doubled in the last two years. SC MDS GRUP Ltd is one of the largest distributors of this product from Romania.


The salt tablets (salt tablets – sodium chloride - NaCl) are round shaped with a convex cylindrical surface, white, odourless and salty. When dissolving, these tablets do it evenly without disintegrating into crystals or leaving signs of impurities in the water.


Diameter: 20 mm, Height: 12.5 mm
Diameter: 25 mm, Height: 12 mm


The salt tablets are used to soften the water: for resin regeneration, for water softeners and multifunctional filters. They are extremely simple to use and they guarantee a long and proper functioning of your water filtering and treating devices.

Technical parameters

• NaCl: 99.10% – 99.90%
• Ph 1% r-n: 6.3÷8.0
• Hardness coefficient: 250 – 349 N/cm2
• Grinding coefficient: 0,5%
• Insoluble substances: 0,002%
• Calcium content: 0,002%
• Iron content: 0,003%
• Magnesium content: 0,001%
• Sulphates content: 0,12%
• Humidity: 0,03%

Physical and chemical characteristics

• Pressure force along xy at salt tablets breaking point (t.) 6 < xy < 9;
• Breaking force of a salt tablet at a given moment is approximately 85kg / 1 tablet;
• The salt used as raw material for obtaining these salt tablets is a regular salt, evaporated, which does not contain iodine or anti-clotting agents.